Business Intelligence

Gain a deep understanding of your business and your clients to make informed decisions that will improve business performance.

By extracting data direct from source(s), yuriQa is able to deliver timely and relevant insights to all Agency stakeholders (Executive, Account Management, Operations, Marketing, Supplier Management, Finance) to help them to maximise revenues, reduce costs and improve client service.

Because yuriQa is constantly updating the insights as bookings are created and updated, internal and external client decisions that could be made or should be made become much clearer, faster.


Client Management

In today’s competitive environment, in addition to excellent customer service, Agencies need a competitive advantage to attract and retain corporate customers.

yuriQa’s Virtual Travel Manager provides an additional resource with ingrained expertise to help corporate Account Managers to maximise outcomes from their clients’ travel programs – in a live data environment. Account Managers and their clients can choose from self-serve dashboards, reports and visualisations or notifications and scheduled reports to deliver the insights.

Answer questions for clients such as “Is it really better for us to buy best fare of the day or should we use more flexible airfares?”, “Where do we have leakage?” or “Where do we have risk/ opportunity in our travel program”?


Supplier Optimisation

Manage your Agency and your clients’ supplier agreements with foresight and improve outcomes from supplier negotiations with actual usage statistics.

With immediate access to up-to-date flown airline sales at both a marketing and operating carrier level, by airport pair and fare basis, Corporate Agencies and your clients can easily and accurately manage airline Agreements. Including passive segments, hotel and rental car usage analysis is also provided at a Chain and sub-Brand level.

Agencies usually work on thin margins, and corporate clients need to find savings wherever possible. yuriQa’s supplier management solutions provides a competitive edge.


Duty of Care

Travel Management Companies and Corporate Travel Agencies, whether online or offline, are not professional travel security advisors and corporate travellers, guided by their employers, will make and should make their own informed decisions about their travel risks.

yuriQa helps Travel Management Companies and their corporate clients to manage those travellers when risks occur, both before and during travel, by providing immediate information to all relevant stakeholders on traveller whereabouts when incidents occur.

Users can search by date, by location, by flight number, by property, by name or use our interactive Google map to show traveller whereabouts by geography, or inflight. Our map also flags up requested travel to High Risk countries and where companies have more than 10 travellers on the same plane.



In today’s fast paced corporate world, we consume data in ever increasing amounts at ever increasing speeds, mostly without ever looking at a report.

That’s why yuriQa sends you the information you need to know without you having to log into a dashboard or report (unless you want or need to).

Imagine an alert that tells you at 8.30am every morning, “Here are all the travellers who have booked accommodation in a non-preferred hotel” or “Here are all the travellers away for 5 nights or more who haven’t booked an apartment style hotel/room and also may need a Travel Diary”. yuriQa puts relevant insights into the hands of the stakeholders that need to know, in time to take action.


Air Program Analytics

For TMC Supplier Managers and corporate customers, yuriQa’s airline supplier management insights provide you with comprehensive insights into your Air supplier programs.

Flown airline revenue, ancillary fee costs analysis and contract opportunities are just a few of the insights that the Virtual Travel Manager will alert you to.

Never miss a contract or market share target again and negotiate with suppliers on your total value. *Supplier QSI in the works – rate your airline suppliers based on negotiated fare achievement, on-time performance, delays and cancellations as well as traveller sentiment.


Hotel Program Analytics

Never miss a hotel sale again. Virtual Travel Manager alerts you to existing bookings where accommodation is required but has not been booked.

Gain real time insight into demand for accommodation by location, by chain and by property to put you in the driving seat in rate negotiations for your Agency and your corporate customers.

Help your clients to negotiate the best hotel program for their needs, and keep them informed on market shares, average rates, bookings made above lead in rates and bookings at non-preferred hotels.


Custom Analytics

Do questions from the business or your customers send you scrambling for an excel spreadsheet? Take the time and frustration out of generating ad hoc queries or train-of-thought analyses with our flexible analytics platform.

You don’t need to be a data analyst to use it, it’s flexible, easy to use and allows you to interact with your up-to-the minute data with minimum frustration and maximum ease.