Business Intelligence

Gain a deep understanding of your business and make informed decisions that will improve business performance.

By extracting data direct from source(s), yuriQa is able to deliver timely and relevant insights to all Agency stakeholders (Executive, Operations, Marketing, Supplier Management, Finance) to help them to maximise revenues and reduce costs.

Because yuriQa is constantly updating the insights as bookings are created and updated, decisions that could be made or should be made become much clearer, faster.


Operations Management

Improve productivity and right size your operations to deliver outstanding customer service.

Rather than relying on anecdotal or historic information about your team’s performance and productivity, gain control of your what’s happening in your business right now with live insights into sales, performance, productivity, suppliers, demand and risk.

yuriQa provides Operations Leaders and their Consultants with business-critical information about operational performance to maximise sales, profit and customer satisfaction.


Revenue Optimisation

Don’t leave money on the table. By far the quickest and easiest way to boost revenue is to capture the low hanging fruit in existing customer bookings.

Yield from non-air bookings is almost double that of air tickets so every 1% improvement in non-air sales has a direct impact on the bottom line. On a minute by minute basis, yuriQa highlights every ticketed and un-ticketed booking that contains a reserved air itinerary that requires accommodation, but where no accommodation has been booked.

yuriQa also analyses which of your customers generate the most revenue for the least amount of effort and vice versa, so that you focus your resources on the jewels in the crown and not the squeaky wheels.


Supplier Management

Manage supplier agreements with foresight and improve outcomes from supplier negotiations with actual usage statistics.

With immediate access to up-to-date flown airline sales at both a marketing and operating carrier level, by airport pair and fare basis, Agencies can easily manage airline Agreements across their business. Including passive segments, hotel and rental car usage analysis is also provided at a Chain and sub-Brand level.

Agencies usually work on thin margins, yuriQa’s supplier management solutions provides a competitive edge.


Duty of Care

A Travel Agency, whether online or offline, is not a professional travel security advisor and travellers will make and should make their own informed decisions about their travel risks.

yuriQa helps Travel Agencies to manage those travellers when risks occur, both before and during travel, by providing immediate information to all relevant stakeholders on traveller whereabouts when incidents occur.

Users can search by date, by location, by flight number, by property, by name or use our interactive Google map to show traveller whereabouts by geography, or inflight.



The pace of business in the ultra-competitive travel industry has never been faster. To compete, Travel Agencies need actionable information often before they knew that they needed it.

That’s why yuriQa sends you the information you need to know without you having to log into a dashboard or report (unless you want or need to).

Imagine an alert that tells you at 8.30am every morning, “here are all the bookings you’re holding with no accommodation attached” or “here are all the suppliers you have forward sales with but no agreement”.